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Think Twice Before Filing For Bankruptcy If You Have A Personal Injury Claim

Bankruptcy is unpleasant in many ways.  It becomes very unpleasant in personal injury situations. We always ask our clients if they have recently filed for bankruptcy, or if they are planning to.  We need that information because if there is a personal injury case that occurred prior to the bankruptcy filing period, it becomes an […]

Gotcha! Surprise Evidence Doesn’t Actually Exist.

We all have seen legal dramas where someone pulls something out of a hat and a surprise witness or surprise piece of evidence comes in to save the day for the side that appeared to be losing. This makes for good TV or movie scenes, but never truly happens in an Arizona court room. Arizona, […]

What’s My Case Worth?

Personal Injury Attorneys are asked this question daily. The answer depends on these basic factors: The severity of the crash or incident The extent of injuries and damages The amount of medical treatment required The amount of money available from Insurance or other sources The share of liability We use these five factors to determine […]

Why Choose a Board Certified Specialist in Personal Injury?

Modern legal practice, like many professions, has become a field dominated by specialists. While anyone licensed to practice law in Arizona can represent a person for any of their legal needs, the highly specialized demands of different areas of the law mean that a person will be better served by an attorney who devotes his […]

Leighton Rockafellow Sr. has been named to the 23rd Edition of “The Best Lawyers In America©.”

Leighton Rockafellow Sr has been named to the 23rd Edition of “The Best Lawyers In America©.” This is a peer reviewed group.  Leighton’s inclusion is in the category of Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs. Since its inception in 1983, “Best Lawyers®” has become universally regarded as the definitive guide to legal excellence. The 2017 Edition […]

Arizona Attorney Board Certified in Injury and Wrongful Death

Leighton Rockafellow Sr. is Board Certified in Injury and Wrongful Death by the State Bar of Arizona.  He is also Board Certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy as a Civil Trial Specialist.  Both of those certifications were obtained in 1991.  Leighton was one of the first attorneys in the State of Arizona to […]

Leighton Rockafellow Jr. Ends Treasurer Tenure for Young Lawyers Division

Leighton Rockafellow Jr. is proud to announce he recently wrapped up his two-year tenure as the treasurer of the Young Lawyers Division of the Pima County Bar Association, but will stay on the board for another year. Read more…

Medical Malpractice Laws May Shield the Hospital

Hospital Investigations and Confidentiality By law, hospitals are required to conduct investigations when errors are committed. The purpose is to “reduce morbidity and mortality and for the improvement of the care of patients provided in the institutions.” (ARS section 36-445.) “Such review shall include the nature, quality and necessity of the care provided and the […]

The Supreme Court: How a Case Can Make Its Way to the Highest Court in the Land

The Judiciary, headed up by the Supreme Court, is one of three branches of our government whose role is to put a check and balance on the powers of the Legislature (Congress) and the Executive (President) branches. A slew of highly politicized cases have brought this least glamorous of the branches into the limelight in […]

What is a Nonparty?

Arizona is a comparative fault state. Each defendant is liable only for the amount of damages allocated to that defendant in direct proportion to that defendant’s percentage of fault. A.R.S. § 12-2506. For example, if you slip on water that has accumulated on the floor in your local grocery store and fall to the ground […]


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