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Medical professionals must endure years of schooling and on the job training before finally practicing medicine freely. Having done so, these professionals are given a tremendous amount of trust by patients and their families. Patients trust that physicians will make the right diagnoses, and surgeons will repair damage properly. In most cases, medical professionals do live up to these expectations. But there are times when they do not, causing avoidable, unnecessary and unacceptable pain and suffering. If you have been hurt by medical malpractice or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed, experienced Tucson medical malpractice lawyers can help.

Common causes of medical malpractice

Medical malpractice claims arise in a number of different situations. Many cases involve a patient who was not given the information needed to make an informed decision about their medical care. In other cases, a patient’s condition quickly deteriorated from the course of treatment chosen by the medical professional. Whatever the circumstances of your claim, it is helpful to speak with trusted personal injury attorneys to learn what legal options are available.

Dependable attorneys in Southern Arizona

Medical malpractice is really just another way of saying medical negligence. Medical professionals owe their patients a certain standard of care. Whenever that standard of care is breached, victims are left with serious, even devastating injuries or permanent disabilities. Some even prove fatal. It is important then for victims and their loved ones to trust a reliable medical malpractice attorney in Tucson to recover the compensation they deserve.

The medical malpractice lawyers at Rockafellow Law Firm are committed to helping victims recover for their injuries. Indeed, 40 years of demonstrated success has made Rockafellow Law Firm the trusted name for medical malpractice litigation. We maintain a nurse-paralegal on staff to review medical records and help us ensure your case is handled with the thoroughness it needs.

Hospital negligence claims

Hospitals are supposed to be places of recovery, not injury. Yet many victims and their loved ones realize the very worst can happen in these institutions. Birth injuries to the infant or the mother are among the most notable of all hospital negligence claims, but many more exist. If you have been hurt by hospital negligence, or if a loved one has been seriously injured or killed, the attorneys at Rockafellow Law Firm can help.

Representative verdicts and settlements

The following list is a compilation of successful verdicts and settlements obtained by Rockafellow Law Firm for medical malpractice clients. In many cases, recoveries were limited by the amount of insurance available to the defendant. For others, cases of significant value are settled for the amount of insurance available.

  • $1.25 million − loss of sight
  • $1.1 million − loss of left arm
  • $800,000 − hemiparesis
  • $800,000 − bed sores
  • $750,000 − back injury
  • $500,000 − ruptured appendix
  • $400,000 − adverse drug reaction
  • $400,000 − bed sores
  • $300,000 − adverse drug reaction
  • $100,000 − cosmetic surgery

As a result of these verdicts and others, founder Leighton H. Rockafellow joined the ranks of other exceptional trial attorneys in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. All members of the organization have demonstrated an ability to achieve exceptional results in complex cases.

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