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Misdiagnosis of Blood Clots Can Lead to Malpractice

We’ve all heard the stories of famous people stricken by pulmonary embolism (PE). NBC reporter David Bloom died in Afghanistan from this condition. Tennis star Serena Williams nearly died. PE Read More

If You Smoked Marijuana Three Days Ago, Can You Be Guilty of DUI Today?

The answer is yes, according to a recent decision from the Arizona Appellate Court. Arizona’s DUI statute provides that a person can be found guilty for DUI if there is any Read More

Doping on a Bike Not Limited to Lance Armstrong

Don’t drink and drive. We’ve all heard and that slogan and most people abide by it. However, it always seems like we can do less harm on a bicycle. Why Read More

Singer LeAnn Rimes Files Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Against Her Dentist

How much is a smile worth? For a pop star, millions. Country music star LeAnn Rimes is suing her dentist over treatment he provided her for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ). Rimes Read More

Texting While Driving: Arizona Tries Again for a Ban

Texting and driving go together like oil and water. The dangers of drivers becoming distracted while texting are well documented. Arizona is trying to do something about it. While Arizona is Read More

More Bicyclists on the Roads Lead to More Fatalities

According to the latest traffic accident data analyzed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there has been a dramatic increase in the number of bicycle fatalities across the Read More

Five Medical Mistakes That May Shock You

When you enter a hospital for a medical procedure, you trust that you are in good hands. After all, what could go wrong? It turns out a lot. Medical mistakes Read More

Highway to the Danger Zone

Arizona highways are some of the most beautiful in the country. Who can forget driving down an Arizona highway in the springtime with saguaros and vibrant spring flowers dotting the Read More

Rx for an Adverse Drug Reaction?

Put it on Twitter Have you ever taken a newly prescribed drug and had some kind of adverse reaction, whether it is difficulty breathing, headache, or nausea? If so, have you Read More

Off-Road Vehicle Accidents on the Rise

2011, the latest year for which statistics are available, was deadly in Arizona for off-road vehicle fatalities. When you put inexperienced operators with no safety training together with a vehicle Read More

Viewing 311 - 320 out of 340 posts

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