Arizona Ranks 11th in Crash-Related Medical and Work Loss Costs

In the United States, more than 30,000 people are killed in car crashes each year. While the emotional effects those deaths have on the victims’ family and friends are generally recognized and appreciated, few fail to consider the medical and work loss costs associated with such crashes.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released statistics on the costs of deaths from car crashes. In the last reported year, car crash deaths resulted in medical and work loss costs of $41 billion. The CDC study, which looked at the costs of crash deaths state by state, surprisingly discovered that half of all costs were incurred in ten states.

The ten states with the highest medical and work loss costs are: California ($4.16 billion), Texas ($3.50 billion), Florida ($3.16 billion), Georgia ($1.55 billion), Pennsylvania ($1.52 billion), North Carolina ($1.50 billion), New York ($1.33 billion), Illinois ($1.32 billion), Ohio ($1.23 billion), and Tennessee ($1.15 billion).

So, how did Arizona fare? It came in eleventh place at $1.10 billion. The Arizona total crash related death costs translates into $13 million in medical costs and $1.09 billion in work loss costs each year.

The CDC breaks down the costs according to type of road user and age group. While Arizona isn’t the worst state for crash related medical and loss of work costs, there is much room for improvement. By using effective programs and policies, we can reduce the number of auto accident injury, deaths and their related costs.

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