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Potholes: How To Report Them

The City of Tucson and Pima County want us to report potholes.

As the heavy winter precipitation slowly fades to warming temperatures here in Southern Arizona, we are painfully reminded that our roads are in a state a failure. Roadways require significant maintenance in order to provide smooth, uninterrupted surfaces. The City and County have done an abysmal job with required maintenance and as a result, a majority of the roads in and around Tucson are labeled poor or failing. This means they are beyond repair and must be completely re-built in order to jump back into the good or fair categories.

Potholes thrive across maintenance-starved roadways. If the conditions are ripe, as they often are in poorly maintained roads, a pothole can form nearly overnight. This can create a significant hazard for vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. Fortunately, the City and County make reporting potholes easy. So, take the time and report!

Both the City of Tucson and Pima County use the App See Click Fix. With this app, all you have to do is snap a photo with your phone and submit it. The appropriate government entity will receive an alert and, based on the size and location of the pothole, will respond with what that government entity deems to be an appropriate expediency. This means if it is in the middle of a busy arterial roadway, it will likely be fixed faster than if the hole is located on a neighborhood roads.

You can download the apps here:



The City and County want to fix potholes. Reported potholes are more likely to be timely repaired. In addition to the See Click Fix app, the city maintains a reporting tool on their website or you can call 520-791-3154. Pima County also has a web-based reporting tool or call 520-724-6410.

The Rockafellow Law Firm  has litigated and is currently litigating multiple cases involving potholes that caused severe injuries to road users. These dangerous conditions can pose a risk to everyone on the roads

Nearly all of us had to swerve to avoid a pothole this morning on our way to work or school. On your way home today, pull over, snap a photo, and report it to the City or County using the See Click Fix app. Or, take a minute to report the pothole on the appropriate government website. Let’s help keep our roads safe for travel.

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