Leighton Rockafellow Announces Re-launch of His Novel of Legal Suspense: Diminished Capacity

Diminished Capacity: The Re-Launch of Leighton Rockafellow’s Novel

Leighton Rockafellow has re-launched Diminished Capacity, a novel of Legal Suspense.  (Think John Grisham style prose.)

This full-length legal novel is set in Tucson and features two exciting stories interwoven together.

Story one is a murder trial.  The defense: Diminished Capacity.  Follow the story of this psychological defense from beginning to end and watch young lawyer Larry Ross dip into his bag of tricks to do his best to save a man faced with a life or death situation.  The court room scenes are realistic and riveting.

Story two is a products liability case against a major auto manufacturer.  A van crash caused by faulty brakes caused the death of twin brothers headed to a soccer tournament.

Watch Larry juggle both cases as they come to a thrilling simultaneous conclusion.

First published in 2008, this novel has received numerous 5-star reviews and an editor’s choice award.

Re-launched in October 2020, it is receiving more acclaim and recognition.

This will make a perfect Christmas stocking stuffer for the reader in your family.  Order yours today at Leightonrockafellow.com.

If you like “Diminished Capacity,” you will love Leighton’s other novels: “Immaculate Deception” and “Final Option.”  Just go to Amazon.com/books and type in Leighton Rockafellow.  All three novels will come up. Leighton will gladly personally sign your copy upon request.


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