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Five Common Bicycle-Car Collisions

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 500,000 people in the United States are injured in bicycle accidents each year, and more than 700 people die each year due to cycling-related injuries. The majority of these injuries are caused in bicycle-car accidents.

The most common bicycle-car collisions include door collisions, the left cross, right hook, parking lot collisions, door collisions and overtaking.

Door collisions — These accidents occur when a bicyclist is traveling next to a line of parked cars and a car door is opened, striking the cyclist. Cyclists can reduce door collisions by keeping alert and keeping a few feet between themselves and parked cars.

Left cross — These accidents occur when an automobile driver makes a left turn right into the path of the cyclist. Left cross accidents account for almost half of all bicycle-car collisions.

Right hook — These accidents occur when an automobile driver passes a cyclist on the cyclist’s left and the vehicle makes a right turn into the bicyclist’s path. Bicyclists can help avoid right hooks by being alert for turning vehicles and avoiding the vehicle’s blind spots through riding in the bicycle lane.

Parking lot collisions — These accidents occur when an automobile driver exits a parking lot or a driveway right into a cyclist’s path. Parking lots are often dangerous because there are no set traffic patterns. Cyclists should avoid traveling in parking lots if at all possible.

Overtaking — These accidents occur when a vehicle hits a cyclist from behind while passing the cyclist. When riding at night, cyclists should always use reflectors and lights and use hand signals to alert motorists to their course of action.

If you were involved in a bicycle-car collision, contact a Tucson bicycle accident lawyer to help you understand your rights and determine the compensation you deserve.

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