I had plastic surgery 4/2016 after my first surgery I major issues after waiting 2 months he agreed to go in and fix the one of the problems but ignored the rest. He told me to give it time that it takes time for swelling and healing and to come back for 1 yr. post op apt. At the post op apt he said he could fix it all and would have his assistant email me details. I had to email her after weeks of not hearing and then I got a quote for another $8,000. I tried negotiating and working with them but got no where. After a couple months of waiting trying to figure out what to do I posted a negative review on yelp and other sites and then sent him a letter requesting a refund. I also requested my medical records from him. I received my medical records which I can see he edited because some of the information is false. I received a letter from his attorney at the end of July stating I need to remove my review or they will pursue legal action for extortion and defamation. He has other patients that have contacted me through my yelp review stating they are dealing with a similar problem by him and want to pursue legal action. I posted my before photos I have from the plastic surgeon on a plastic surgery website where other surgeons respond to what they would have done and I got a lot of responses. The consensus is that a breast lift and use of internal grafting material such as strattice should have been used due to my significant 140lb weight loss my skin quality was/is compromised. They also state that when using the larger implants 600cc or more with compromised skin from weight loss the grafting material should be used to support the implant. The surgeon was well aware of my health history which included my weight loss. This doctor was negligent and fell below the standard of care.