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Do You Have a Hospital Negligence Case?

People injured by medical professionals often look to sue only the doctors and nurses for medical malpractice. In some cases, it is possible and proper to sue the hospital, clinic or other health care facility where you received treatment also.

There are two possibilities in such a case:

  • The hospital itself was negligent
  • A hospital employee was negligent and the hospital was responsible for that person's actions, under a legal concept called respondeat superior

Some mistakes are as simple and obvious as not checking the patient's wristband to see if they are receiving the proper medications or treatments, or sending a patient home before they are ready.  Other common causes of hospital negligence include:

  • Not placing beds and bedrails in their proper positions
  • Understaffing, resulting in exhausted and overworked employees
  • Crowded emergency rooms, which cause excruciatingly long waits, sometimes with tragic results

Others are much more subtle, and only an experienced medical malpractice lawyer will be able to detect a possible connection between the hospital and your injury.

Medical malpractice cases can be complicated under the best of circumstances. When a hospital is sued, their insurance carriers fight back. If you have been injured by a hospital, they often have the resources to compensate you fully, while other defendants may not be able to do so.

If your condition was caused by medical negligence, some insurers (including Medicaid) may not be willing to pay for your treatment due to recent changes from the Affordable Care Act. If there is a chance that a hospital or hospital employee, or any medical professional working in the hospital, might be liable for your injury, it is extremely important that you hire representation as soon as possible.

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