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Common Roadway Defects That Cause Car Accidents

Sometimes a simple accident is not as straightforward as it seems.

Often drivers blame themselves for a single-vehicle accident or blame the other driver in a multi-vehicle accident, while in reality a defectively designed or maintained roadway is in fact one of the causes.

In many areas, there are recurrent accidents caused by the same defect, until the government is forced to fix the issue. Road defects cause or contribute to at least 15-20 percent of all accidents.

Some of the most common road defects include:

  • Potholes
  • Malfunctioning traffic lights
  • Improper placement of utility poles or trees near the roadway
  • Foliage obstructing stop signs or other signs
  • Lack of a properly designed shoulder
  • Improper design or placement of median barriers
  • Improper lane width
  • Improperly designed intersections
  • Narrow bridge abutments
  • Uncovered ditches or obstructions or poor drainage
  • Construction site violations

While defective roads exist in every state, Arizona unfortunately contains two of the top ten deadliest stretches of road in America (I-10 in Maricopa County and I-10 in Pinal County).

If you were injured as the result of a defectively designed or repaired road, we suggest that you take photos of the accident scene immediately in order to record any road damage or unsafe road conditions. If the scene is repaired before trial, you will be unable to prove that the defective conditions existed on the date of the accident.

Legal action involving an accident attributable to defective roadway design or maintenance must be initiated quickly. Often the statutes of limitations for lawsuits against the government are much shorter than are those between you and another driver or insurance company.

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