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Arizona’s Top Ten Civil Verdicts For 2021

It's time again for the top civil verdicts in Arizona

Last year, seven of the top verdicts were tort (injury related) cases.  The other three were business or civil rights disputes.  The average Plaintiff’s verdict in 2021 was $508,865.71 and the median was $197,740.00. Overall, Plaintiffs prevailed in 51% of verdicts statewide and in 67% of verdicts in Pima County.

Here are Arizona’s top civil verdicts for 2021:

1. Marquez v. Sobel, M.D. et al. - $5,000,000.00

This was a medical malpractice wrongful death claim with a massive award that will be reduced significantly due to the jury finding a non-party to be 95% at fault. Plaintiff sued the doctor for failing to take her vitals at an appointment. These vitals should have indicated she was in sepsis at the time. She died shortly after this visit. Dr. Sobel’s defense basically stated that a different doctor, who was not named in the lawsuit and who saw her several days earlier, was the actual negligent doctor. Despite the massive award, due to the jury only finding the defendant to be 5% at-fault, the award is automatically reduced to $250,000.00.

2. Adams v. Arizona Senate - $2,750,000.00

Plaintiff, a black female attorney, was fired from her job as a policy advisor for the Arizona Senate. She successfully proved to the jury that she was fired in retaliation for bringing to light her disparate pay based on sex and race.

3. Mathis v. City of Buckeye - $1,800,000.00

Plaintiff, contracted to provide music at an event in Buckeye, was injured when thrown from the bed of a pickup truck being driven by a Buckeye employee after being asked to help with trash pickup. Defendant accepted liability but disputed the amount of damages.

4. Alsadi v. Intel Corp. - $1,171,181.00

Plaintiff was exposed to toxins at an industrial wastewater facility owned by Defendant. Plaintiff was an HVAC employee of the company contracted by Intel to run the facility. This trial was held without a jury and the award issued by the judge.

5. Parker v. Hawley et. al. - $1,029,999.00

Plaintiff sued the co-founders of a company that he had invested. He claimed fraud and negligent misrepresentation regarding the health of the business at the time of his investments. The company folded shortly after. The jury found in Plaintiff’s favor and awarded the exact amount he requested.

6. Driscoll v. State of Arizona - $981,908.00

Plaintiff, a truck driver, was struck by a Department of Corrections employee driving a transport van. The DoC employee was killed in the incident.

7. Stacey v. Minnick - $875,000.00

This was a more traditional vehicle crash involving two cars. The parties elected to forego a jury trial in favor of a bench trial, which tasks the judge with issuing a ruling.

8. Reinsch v. Kingston et. al. - $854,500.00

Plaintiff sued Kingston, a State Trooper for DPS, for injuries he and his daughter received when Kingston crashed into their vehicle while on duty. The daughter’s claim settled before trial.

9. Chatman v. Ferrell et. al. - $665,000.00

Plaintiff’s sons were removed by the Arizona Department of Child Safety and placed with their grandmother in another state, who received emergency custody. Plaintiff had previously secured an order of protection barring the grandmother from having any contact with the family. Defendants claimed they had qualified immunity. The jury disagreed and found in favor of Plaintiff.

10.  Zubia v. Pena et. al. - $640,000

Plaintiff Zubia sued defendant for fraudulently forging her signature on a promissory note for a $150,000 loan that her former husband took using their jointly-owned home as collateral. When the loan defaulted the house was put up for sale. Zubia sued both her husband and the lienholder for fraud and concealment.

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