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When Insurance Plays Hardball

Insurance Companies Are Friendly Until You Have A Claim Against Them

Many of our initial intake calls start out like this:  “I have never sued anyone before …….. but……..”: Or:  “I don’t believe in lawsuits, …… but…..”: Or:  “I just want what is fair……. But…….”

Most people victimized by someone else’s negligence feel guilty about wanting what is fair to resolve a claim.  Why is that?

For one, we all watch TV and see the cute commercials for GEICO or Progressive, or Allstate promising that they are there for us.  And, they all want us to believe that if you switch from X to Y, you will save hundreds of dollars a year on your premiums.  Really?  How can everyone have a lower price than everyone else?  They can’t!

Secondly, we have all been conditioned (by the insurance companies) that to make a claim is to increase rates.  This is not true.  Without claims, the insurance companies would have nothing to sell.

Third, “We” are not like those “other greedy people” the insurance companies want us to believe are responsible for the “litigation explosion” that exists in our society.

Insurance Company Myths

Let us break down those myths:

  1. The commercials are to persuade you to buy a product.  That is all insurance is: a product, just like a car, a jar of pickles, or a pair of shoes.
  2. It is not “bad behavior” to make a claim. We all pay for this product. Would you buy a car and just let it sit in the driveway?  Of course not.  You buy it to use it.  An insurance policy is worth nothing if not used as intended.  So what if rates are increased?  They are going to be increased whether you make a claim or not.
  3. People who make claims are not “greedy.”  They are good citizens who have had something bad happen to them and they need to be made whole.  The “litigation explosion” is self-created by the insurance companies:  they won’s settle claims reasonably, so a lawsuit is the only other remedy.

Medical Payments, Uninsured Motorist Coverage and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Myth: “If I make a claim, my rates for this coverage will increase!”
Fact:  No they won’t!  State law prohibits a rate increase for a “non chargeable event” meaning, you did nothing to cause the claim to be made.  You paid for the Medical coverage.  Use it.  You paid for uninsured motorist coverage: use it.  You paid for Underinsured motorist coverage, use it.

No one is shy about using Health Insurance coverage.  So why are we reluctant to make a claim “against my own company?”  Answer, because you have been conditioned not to do this.  “Your Company” does not care about you, they only care about the bottom line.  If they can keep you from filing a claim, they will.

The Rockafellow Law Firm has been fighting the likes of the Gecko, Flo, The Good Neighbors and The Good Hands People for decades.  Let us guide you through the maze and trust our advice.

“Admit nothing, deny everything, and launch counter attack.” Roger Stone didn’t make this up. This has been the motto of every insurance company on earth since insurance first became available.

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You are not a “bad person” for making a claim.  The Rockafellow Law Firm does not take made up claims.  We only accept legitimate claims that we can make a difference on.  “The Insurance company” will never treat you fairly.  The Rockafellow Law Firm will.

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