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The Risk of Fatal Injuries

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  • The Risk of Fatal Injuries

The Risk of Fatal Injuries

Most jobs have some level of occupational hazard, but some workplaces are inherently more dangerous than others. In many industrial, manufacturing and construction work environments, for example, you might be more susceptible to serious injury or death. Fortunately, there are resources available to help you examine your specific job and the risks you face.

Types of injuries

Just as there are varying degrees of risk for different jobs, there are also different types of injuries that occur more often in some industries than others. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has published information about these factors specific to Arizona. Generally, the statistics show that men are more at risk for injury than women, and transportation incidents tend to be the most common form of injury for workers.

Staying informed on the most common hazards related to your industry can help you take the proper steps to avoid serious or fatal injuries. If you do happen to work in a high-risk field, know your options ahead of time so that you’re not left scrambling in the event of a severe accident. This includes examining your company’s workers’ compensation policy.

To learn more about the steps you should take before or after a workplace injury, call on an experienced fatal accident lawyer in Arizona. An attorney can provide you with the resources you need to immediately seek compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and more.

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