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Lawsuit Time Limits-Statute of Limitation

In the Civil realm of the law, most claims have a statute of limitation. This means that your right to file a lawsuit against a person or entity expires after a certain amount of time. The justification for these time limits is to allow businesses and people to go about their business without having to […]

Five Medical Mistakes That May Shock You

When you enter a hospital for a medical procedure, you trust that you are in good hands. After all, what could go wrong? It turns out a lot. Medical mistakes happen every day in hospitals and they kill more than a quarter million people every year in the United States. Even worse, some of the […]

Wrongful Deaths in Nursing Homes: More Common Than You Think

For millions of elderly Americans and their families, old age brings with it illnesses and infirmities that lead to a situation that many dread — the inability to continue to live on one’s own. The burden of full-time caretaking of elderly parents or injured family members is too heavy for most to bear. Many families […]

Do You Have a Medical Malpractice Case for Anesthesia Errors?

Anesthesia has come a long way. In the 1800s, a patient would be knocked out by ether and might never wake up. Today, things are safer.  However, anesthesia does present risks even when administered properly. Unfortunately, anesthesia errors are all too common, and can cause or contribute to many medical malpractice cases. There are three […]

Common Roadway Defects That Cause Car Accidents

Sometimes a simple accident is not as straightforward as it seems. Often drivers blame themselves for a single-vehicle accident or blame the other driver in a multi-vehicle accident, while in reality a defectively designed or maintained roadway is in fact one of the causes. In many areas, there are recurrent accidents caused by the same […]

Do You Have a Hospital Negligence Case?

People injured by medical professionals often look to sue only the doctors and nurses for medical malpractice. In some cases, it is possible and proper to sue the hospital, clinic or other health care facility where you received treatment also. There are two possibilities in such a case: The hospital itself was negligent A hospital […]


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