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Is the Other Driver at Fault? Prove It

If you’ve been injured in an automobile accident and wish to recover for your injuries, you’ll need to establish liability by proving that the other driver was negligent. Negligence is a legal theory that is used in automobile accident cases and other personal injury cases to allow injured parties to recover. All drivers need to […]

Tips For Drivers: Dealing With Bicyclists

As gas prices climb higher in Tucson and other cities across the nation, the number of bicyclists hitting the roads has skyrocketed. Bicyclists are sometimes seen as a nuisance to pedestrians and car drivers alike, but it’s important that those who share the road with bicycles understand the ways for keeping themselves and the cyclists […]

Country Roads, Take Me Home . . . Safely

When we are traveling the back roads, our thoughts are usually on the peace and beauty of the scenery. Rarely do we stop to focus on just how dangerous these very roads can be. Many rural roads in America are among the very deadliest. One would think that because these roads have less traffic and […]

Top Five Causes of Car Accidents

The Rockafellow Law Firm offers the following list of the top five causes of car accidents, in the hope that awareness of these dangers will lead to increased vigilance and greater safety. 1. Distracted Drivers This is the number one cause of car accidents in the United States. The number of distractions in our modern […]

Who is Liable For A Defective Roadway?

A defective roadway can cause or aggravate a car, bicycle or motorcycle accident, resulting in severe injuries or even death to unwary drivers. Numerous possible roadway defects include the following: Obstructed, faded or knocked over stop signs Poorly graded roadways Improperly marked construction zones Inadequate guardrails Snow and ice accumulation Potholes State and municipal governments […]

Common Roadway Defects That Cause Car Accidents

Sometimes a simple accident is not as straightforward as it seems. Often drivers blame themselves for a single-vehicle accident or blame the other driver in a multi-vehicle accident, while in reality a defectively designed or maintained roadway is in fact one of the causes. In many areas, there are recurrent accidents caused by the same […]

Accident Basics – December 2011

It is December again and the streets are filled with Holiday Shoppers rushing here and there. Traffic is slow and most collisions this time of year are low speed as driving the speed limit on any street becomes nearly impossible to do. If you are involved in a low speed collision, don’t make the mistake […]

Auto Accident Tool Kit

Last month we brought you Accident Basics. This month we bring you the Accident Tool Kit. Most of us carry jumper cables; tire changing tools, and maybe a small pair of pliers, a multipurpose tool, and perhaps a first aid kit in the car. Few of us carry an Accident Tool Kit. It is easy […]


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