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Staying Safe While Jet Skiing

Staying Safe While Jet Skiing

As summer rolls around, many residents of Arizona and other states turn to local lakes for recreation. One of the most popular activities on the water is Jet Skiing.  However, without basic safety tips, Jet Skiing can quickly turn from a fun way to spend the day to a deadly outing. In order to avoid boating and Jet Skiing accidents, follow these basic tips.

Listen up in class

Arizona offers education classes for operating a boat or personal watercraft (PWC) on state waters. Boater Education courses teach valuable information that are essential in cases of emergencies and for general boat operation. Listening up in class can make sure you know all the facts for staying safe ― as well as obeying the law.

Use safety precautions

All Jet Skis come equipped with standard safety precautions, including a “kill cord,” which is a lanyard placed around the wrist that attaches the rider to the watercraft’s handlebars. When pulled, this string operates a kill switch that deactivates the boat in cases of emergency, such as the vessel operator going overboard.  Without the kill cord, the Jet Ski could continue to operate without anyone in control. Using the safety precautions the vessel is equipped with can save your (or someone else’s) life.

Use common sense

While it might seem obvious, using common sense is vital to staying safe on a Jet Ski. All riders on a boat and on a Jet Ski need a life jacket at all times, in case of an emergency. In addition, “don’t drink and jet” is essential advice, as the possibility of injury or death is quite high when drivers or riders are intoxicated. Intoxication on a vessel is a dangerous – and needless – distraction.

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