Dangerous Tucson Intersections

We all use a car almost every day. Yet, rarely do we stop to consider safety statistics regarding our route. While it’s impossible to predict exactly where or when a car accident will occur, there are certain roads and busy intersections in Tucson that are more dangerous than others.

Every year, a majority of Tucson car accidents occur at busy intersections. Statistics show that you may be more at risk on certain roads and in certain areas than others. According to statistics compiled by both the American Automobile Association and NBC News, some of the most dangerous intersections in Tucson are:

  • Speedway/Campbell — This is a heavy traffic area due to the University and its visitors.
  • Alvernon Way/Grant Road — This intersection averages 72 collisions per year.
  • Broadway/Kolb — This is one of the heaviest traveled routes with about 47,000 vehicles per day.
  • Grant Road/Tanque Verde — Another heavily traveled route with about 46,000 vehicles passing through every day, this route also has the distinction of being the worst air quality intersection in Tucson. The City hopes to extend Sabino Canyon south to tie into Kolb, and this will reduce the amount of vehicles traveling through.
  • Grant Road/Swan Road — Averages 69 collisions per year.
  • Kolb Road/22nd Street — This is another well-traveled route, clocking about 45,000 vehicles per day. 55 collisions per year occur here.
  • Broadway/Wilmot — Another heavily traveled route that averages 60 collisions per year.
  • Golf Links/Kolb Road — This intersection has about 44,000 vehicles per day. A left-turn lane was added to try to prevent the 60 collisions that occur here per year.

It makes sense that the higher the number of cars, the higher the chance of collision, and that’s what makes all of these intersections particularly dangerous. Drivers should exercise particular caution around these intersections and avoid speeding and running red lights.

Being a defensive driver is the best way to avoid a collision and part of being a defensive driver is being aware of dangerous intersections. It’s important for Tucson drivers to be aware of these dangerous intersections and exercise extra caution to stay safe. However, if you’ve been injured in an automobile accident, contact an experienced Tucson car accident lawyer who can get you the compensation for your injuries that you deserve.

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