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Tucson, AZ – Killed in Irvington Rd Crash

Tucson, AZ (June 25, 2020) – An automobile accident on Friday claimed one victim’s life in the Tucson area. On June 19, at approximately 7 p.m., the Tucson Police Department was called to the scene of an accident on Irvington Road. Reports show that a 2016 Nissan Versa and a 1997 Cadillac collided along Irvington […]

Suing a Public Entity

Is it possible to sue the City of Tucson for a poorly designed crosswalk? Can you sue Pima County if a Sheriff runs into you? Can the State of Arizona be liable for your injury if a massive pothole on I-10 caused it? The short answer to these questions is yes. However, when a plaintiff […]

New Technology Lets You Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Imagine you’re in unknown territory trying to find an unfamiliar building and a heavy fog is blanketing the road ahead of you. Thick as soup, you can’t see two feet in front of you.  You’re worried about staying safe, let alone finding your destination. A new technology being introduced into automobiles could be just the […]

The Dangers of Overcrowded Emergency Rooms

Emergency rooms are often bursting at the seams during the summer months. They are full of people suffering from heat exhaustion and summer sports activity injuries. This overcrowding causes malpractice rates to soar because doctors are in a hurry, fatigued, and may not provide you with the best care. Here are some tips to ensure […]

When a Car Accident Interrupts Your Vacation

This is the time of year that many Arizonians hit the road for fun in the sun. Any time you are in an accident, it is an inconvenience, but if you get into an accident out-of-state, it is an extra burden. Not only are your travel plans interrupted, but you must deal with getting your […]


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