Jenny’s 20th Anniversary With Rockafellow Law

We Celebrate Jenny Schultz On Her 20 Year Anniversary with Rockafellow Law

This week the Rockafellow Law Firm is proud to celebrate the 20th work anniversary of Jenny Schultz. Jenny started with the Rockafellow Law Firm in July 2000 as a legal assistant. From the onset she has been an integral part of the Rockafellow Law Firm team. In that 20 years we’ve watched her grow into one of the most talented paralegals in Arizona. I sat down with Jenny to ask her a few questions about her two decades with our small firm:

Leighton Jr: What is the best part about working for the Rockafellow Law Firm?

Jenny: The best part about working for the Rockafellow Law Firm is being able to help my clients through the difficult times in their lives, as well as the wonderful bosses I work for!

Leighton Jr: Thank you! How have you seen the Rockafellow Law Firm change in your 20 years?

Jenny: As the industry has changed and technology has changed, the Rockafellow Law Firm has adapted.  The insurance industry has become tougher and cases are tougher to settle than they were 20 years ago.

Leighton Jr.:  What is the key to a law firm’s success?

Jenny: The key to a law firm’s success is teamwork.

Leighton Jr.: Do you have a client or case that stands out over the years as your most memorable?

Jenny:  My most memorable client was a man who was rear ended by a tow truck and ended up paralyzed.  His life was turned upside down and yet he remained the most positive and wonderful person to work with.  It’s people like him who make me love my job.

Leighton Jr: Anything else you would like to add about your experiences in the past 20 years?

Jenny:  Going to work every day should not be something you want to avoid if you love what you do.  I have grown and learned so much over the last 20 years, starting as a legal secretary and working my way to a paralegal.  I am grateful to the Rockafellow Law Firm for giving me this opportunity and am looking forward to another great 20 years!

On behalf of myself, the firm, and all of our clients, past, present, and future, thank you for your hard work and dedication to your career Jenny. We sincerely hope to have you for another 20 years.


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