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Have We Turned a Corner?

It has been a long fifteen months. We have all been impacted by this serious Public Health Threat. Some of you have been sick. Some of you have lost loved ones. Some of you are still experiencing the “long haul symptoms.”

The Courthouse is opening up again. Trials are being scheduled, and special courtrooms are being readied to achieve social distancing and safety to those in attendance. Depositions are again being scheduled in person and air travel is becoming common again. Things are not going to be exactly the same again for many months to come. We still have to be careful.

We removed the “Mask Required to Enter” sign from our entrance doors on June 25th. All of us at the firm are fully vaccinated. If you are vaccinated, there is no need to wear a mask when entering the law firm. If you are not vaccinated, please be respectful and put your mask on before entering. We will ask, and it has nothing to do with politics or discrimination. It is all about Public Safety. We will not ask to see your COVID vaccination card, we will rely on your answer.

All of you have been patient with us as we struggled through the last fifteen months when it came to being told your case was delayed again and again and again. We are doing all that we can to get everything back on track and on schedule. It will take some time, and your continued patience is appreciated.

We have the plexiglass shields at the front desk and in the conference room. We will leave them in place for the next few months as a precaution. All of us are hopeful that the new “Delta Variant” that is ravaging the U.K. and India will not spark a new outbreak in the U.S. We all need to use common sense and consider not only our personal safety but the safety of those we come in contact with.

We just celebrated the 4^th of July. This has always been our favorite National Holiday as it is the cornerstone of our democracy and our excellent legal system that works better than any other legal system in the world. Celebrating our Independence and form of government is a way of remembering the privileges we enjoy as U.S. citizens.

We want all of you to know that we remain dedicated to processing each case as efficiently and quickly as the system allows us to. We are here for one purpose only: To serve our clients to the best of our abilities.


The Rockafellow Law Firm Team

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